Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally Friday

Quitting time? I wish. Sometimes, I don't know why I insist on working. Haha.

Anyway. That's totally not the point of my writing today. Though, technically, I'm not sure I have a point.

B left yesterday. He got there safely this morning, our time. What a flight. I am not looking forward to having to do it again, even if the next time is going to be in three years.

I'm waiting for everything in my life to realize that he's gone and things to start breaking, falling apart, etc. I did just go to the bathroom and heard something in the vent. With legs. Not excited about that, but I am just going to continue in the happy thought that whatever it is is stuck in the vent and can only get out of the house. Not in. We are going with that, ok?

I have to say though, I really am interested in finding out how I do this separation. Last time I really did have SO much help, and here I have one friend. Ok, well, I have more than that, but really only one who I know will help with Bug.

Anyway, as another distraction, I am joining the 100 Facts blog posts going on. I am entirely clueless as to how to 'grab a button,' so I'm going to write the blog link and just copy the picture. I'm so lame, I know. Megan Writes is the website that started this!

See? It's a super cute button, but I literally have no idea how to make it a link. I'm hopeless some days.

So here are my 25 facts - I'm way late to the game so I'm going to be behind, but I'll try my hardest to get to 100.

1. I generally don't mind watching kid's shows with Bug. In fact, I prefer some of them to adult shows.
2. I can't wait to have more babies. But I'm acting like I am totally not ready so that I don't get hounded by family and friends about when I'm finally going to get knocked up.
3. I get frustrated when people tell me that Bug being a good kid is by chance. No, it's not. B and I worked hard to make her a good kid.
4. I'm still afraid to go to sleep without another adult in the house.
5. When I was little, I wanted to be a model. I don't know why.
6. I don't feel like I have any special talents. I have areas that I'm ok in, and I try to be better. I started this blog because I wanted to work on my writing skills.
7. Secretly *(until now...)*, I want my blog to be really popular, like the blogs I read all the time. I know how silly that sounds.
8. People always tell me they admire how straight forward I am, but really, I filter about 90% of what I want to say.
9. I want more tattoos, but I don't know where to put them.
10. I am never happy with the purse I have. Never.
11. I want to be a hat person. They always look weird on me.
12. My mom called me her butterfly when I was little because I always wanted to be on the move. This is still true; I'm hoping it helps the whole married to a Marine thing. Hooray for travel!
13. I over think EVERYTHING. I am still nervous about an issue that happened with two friends in December.
14. My husband will tell you that my biggest weakness is my insanely low self confidence. It's true.
15. As much as I want more kids, I'm truly petrified that I'll treat them differently than I treat Bug. I don't want to, and I'm hoping that helps.
16. I majored in English in college. I still have panic attacks thinking about how stupid I felt in class.
17. Though I love my husband with all my heart, it frustrates me how much I depend on him. I liked being an independent person.
18. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I hate that. I admire those people who have always known what they wanted to do, or who fell in to something perfect for them. I am not like that, and it sucks.
19. I miss being younger. Not because it was 'easier,' but because my extended family was so different. It's hard to grow up and see the flaws in people.
20. I am SUPER judgemental. And once I make my mind up, it's really hard for me to change it. I kind of hate that about me, though usually I'm right.
21. I am addicted to my iPhone.
22. Nothing makes me happier than an email from a friend. But I suck at returning them.
23. B and I are opposites in probably every way possible. For example, if he knew I couldn't grab a button, he would laugh at me for five minutes. But I couldn't convince him that it was a good idea to pack a book for the flight to NC. When we came here, I had six in my carry on.
24. Years ago, my mom bought me an eBook. I hated it, but I couldn't tell her, because I felt horrible that she spent so much money on it. I just couldn't wrap my head around not holding a book. Last summer, my husband bought me a Kindle. I love it. Mom thinks the eBook she bought me broke in the move. I still feel guilty about lying, but I honestly think it was better to do that than to hurt her feelings.
25. Even though I am a liberal hippie, I still have faith in my government and honestly think that 95% of the choices they make are for good reason. I do NOT think it is necessary for Joe Schmoe to know that reasoning. That's why we elected these people. I think it's because my dad was a cop - I just grew up with the understanding that people in certain positions knew more than I did about what they were dealing with, and should be trusted to make the right choice.

Ok, that was really fun. I'll keep trying. I'm way behind, but oh well. :)

Alright, time to put Bug to bed *(ok, really, I should have done that about 2 hours ago...)*, and head there myself.

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