Saturday, April 9, 2011


So B is gone for a while, but only to NC, as I've mentioned. This separation has so truly shown that all the stupid little details need to be talked about BEFORE you are separated. Like we learn/teach at LINKS, you need to discuss all kinds of aspects of your lives and relationship before a separation to help each other know what to expect.

Well, we didn't really discuss money - I said, oh my god, what if I need money? He said, use your credit card, then pay it from my bank account. *(No, we don't have joint accounts. We kind of never got around to it, are now doing fine with out it, and it has kind of become one of our silly arguments. We'll get there someday, I'm sure. Haha. However, my credit card is set up to be paid from his bank account, so when I do need money from him, that's what we do.)* So the money thing is fine. I have POA for the kid and the cars, my name is on the lease for the house, so that's fine.

Anyone see what we didn't talk about?


I know. It's a little one. Especially since he's just on the mainland, not Afghanistan, or Japan, or anything like that.

He's in North Carolina.

He has his cell phone. As long as we remember time difference, it should be fine, right?

Except we never talked about it!

I, being a girl, was so excited about the fact that he was just going to be in NC, that I figured we'd talk every day. Granted, we didn't need a marathon phone call every day, maybe just a few texts and if we got lucky, a quick phone call. I knew it would be hard, since I would be asleep when he woke up, he'd be busy when I woke up, I'd be at work when he was done with work, and he'd be asleep when I was done with work. But that's why there is text messaging, right? Super easy - send a few sentences, answer when you can. We both sleep through them, so it's not like we even had to worry about waking each other up. So in my head, we were fine and had a plan.


He's a guy. And a Marine, to boot. *(No pun intended.)* So he's totally mission focused - as in, he doesn't have "time" to talk. He works, and then when he's done with his work, he's either studying for work or making new friends.

It's getting frustrating.

He's been gone a little over a week. We've talked on the phone twice. He sometimes responds to my text messages.

At one point, he actually told me I had to let him miss me. WHAT?

I will admit, I was probably texting a lot when he first left. After all the times we've been away from each other when that was not an option, I was so excited that it was this time! Clearly, he's not on the same page.

I almost lost it because I'm doing some stuff with my doctor that had questions that he had to answer about me. I was so annoyed with the situation that I didn't really explain anything. I finally - maybe rudely. Ok, definitely rudely. - explained the situation and emailed him. He did respond and that was taken care of, thank goodness.

But still, I almost lost it.

Yesterday, he drove from NC to my parent's house to spend the weekend with them. Insert jealousy. That was when I got the second phone call. So in addition to being annoyed, I'm jealous. And I think I'm PMSing because I've been super snappy all day long. Poor Bug.

I think the worst part is that I haven't said anything to him. Girlishly, I do kind of want him to realize that he's ignoring me and fix out without me having to tell him. But I also don't really want to bother him. He's in NC for a pretty important thing, and I want him to be relaxed and in control so he can do well.

So for now, I simmer. And hopefully calm the hell down.

In other news, did you know that in one of the Rugrats' movies, Bruce Willis voiced Spike? How random...

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