Monday, April 11, 2011

Final (part) Four

No, not about basketball. I don't care about basketball. Besides, I think that was last month? I really have no idea. If it's not football, I don't care. :)

Final entry of 100 facts! Head to Megan Writes to join in!

Nope, still don't know how to grab a button. Oh well.

76. My right leg is an inch or so shorter than my left. This is because of a car accident I was in a few years ago. In addition to screwing up my back, it apparently did something to my pelvis. Every so often, I get a blinding shooting pain in my right hip and it won't feel better until I pop the hip back in place. I've been told by several doctors that's a bad idea. But it's the only thing that makes it feel better. So I ignore them.
77. I don't think technology replaces talent. Just because you have an awesome camera doesn't mean you're a photographer. It means you have an awesome camera.
78. I didn't eat chicken until I met my husband. My dad likes it very dry, so that's how my mom always made it. I hated it.
79. I normally only drink water. I don't usually buy soda, but if I go out to eat, I'll get one.
80. However, I can't have caffeine, so I really only drink Sprite and root beer - but only Mug and A&W. Coke - entirely unnecessarily - adds caffeine to Barq's. Thanks.
81. The reason I can't have caffeine *(yes, even chocolate, along with red wine, citrus, onions, nuts, strong cheese, and a few other things)* is because there is a part of my brain that doesn't 'tolerate' something in all of those things and I'll end up with a migraine. I ignore a lot of that though and just hope for the best. It is one thing to take away my chocolate, but oranges too? Try again.
82. I still haven't hung our ball picture or Bug's school pictures because I get annoyed with how much a frame costs. It's four tiny pieces of wood nailed together. It should not cost more than $10.
83. I always want our house to have one more bedroom than necessary so we can have a guest room. When I was little, we only had enough room for us, and I was always the one kicked out when a guest came. I hated that.
84. I have a list for our house when we stop moving. It mostly involves the kitchen, my closet, and our wrap around porch.
85. I swear Bug has radar for when I stop paying full attention to her. When I am, she ignores me. As soon as I start doing something else, she wants nothing more than to be with me.
86. I'm tired of trying to explain to Bug that you can be skinny and pretty, but you don't have to be skinny to be pretty.
87. She has clearly lost her mind since her father left. I get it, but it's driving me up a wall.
88. I get annoyed by military spouses who complain about the military all the time, especially if you married AFTER enlisting. I get that parts suck, but seriously, you should have thought about it. This does NOT mean "you knew what you were getting in to," this means stop bitching all the time about everything. We're dealing with the same shit.
89. I have a very large vocabulary *(hello, English major)* but sometimes, I still think the F bomb is the best way to express myself.
90. If I could remember each language I have learned, I would speak seven: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, and ASL.
91. I hate when my toenails aren't painted. I think the longest I've gone since I was 13 was a week without them being painted. It was weird.
92. But I always do my own toes. I think feet are gross and I don't like mine being touched or touching/being touched by other's. B knows this and uses it against me.
93. On paper, my husband is a horrible match for me. I used that as an argument before we started dating until my mom told me to shut up and get over it. Thanks mom!
94. I started writing a short story in college and still haven't finished it. The teacher reading it to the class as an example of 'everything good' about short story writing was one of my proudest moments.
95. In high school, I used to dye my hair crazy colors - pink, blue, green, purple. It never really worked because my hair is practically black. I'm pretty sure that's why I did it - I could say I tried, and looked bad ass, but it didn't take. Not my fault. I tried to be awesome and out there. Isn't that lame?
96. For years, I have known the names of my to be born children. I had a first and second place name for both girls and boys. Now, when I'm actually at the point of maybe having children to name, I think I like the second place names better.
97. I have a deep urge to paint a bathroom aqua. Or fuschia. I just think it would be so fun. B would never go for it.
98. The conversations I have with Bug never cease to amaze me. For example, we just had a five minute conversation about why her last poop hurt. Oh motherhood.
99. I want to learn how to whistle using my fingers.
100. I have been going to the gym on a fairly regular basis. I'm pretty proud of myself, but I feel like SUCH a slacker fast walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes next to some chick running for an hour. I mean, to be fair, I do treadmill AFTER elliptical, but still. B keeps reminding me that I have to start somewhere, and at least I'm at the gym. He's so good. :)

Heyyyyyyyy! I did a blogging thing and kept at it! Hurrah! I'm going to try to post more regularly now - this was such good motivation.

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