Sunday, April 10, 2011

Part 3

Soooo maybe, really what I needed as motivation was to kick my husband out. Haha. I'm kiiiiidding. ...kind of. Really, I think I just have all that 'us' time free now, and what better way to spend it than doing something I love? Even if no one else reads this, it certainly makes me feel better. Anyway, to continue with the fun 100 Facts started by Megan Writes, here we go!

51. My laptop is really old and sucks, so I'm using my husband's. But I hate it. the keyboard is weird and the mouse pad is so insanely sensitive. Half the time I don't even realize I have touched it. I wish I had enough money to buy myself a new one.

52. My heritage is Irish, German, and Polish. But really, I'm American. I love the traditions and what not that I've learned from my grandparents, but I get really annoyed when people talk about how whatever they are. Were you born there? Then you're not. You're American. It's not uncool.
53. I almost got in a bar fight in London a few years ago because I had a Support Our Troops bracelet on and refused to accept that I shouldn't. This was years before I met my husband.
54. I get really bad migraines. I know what the cause is 95% of the time. The other 5% of the time, I'm convinced my sister was right when she said there was a tumor in my brain - even though she was only teasing and only saying it because of Kindergarten Cop - It's not a tumor!
55. I get so involved in some books that they affect my day and my mood. It's kind of weird.
56. I'm having some testing done with the doctors *(nothing too crazy, I'm just having issues focusing and remembering things)*, but I'm always afraid that they are going to find something seriously wrong with me.
57. Yet I can't stop myself from wanting to joke about hearing the voices. I haven't said anything yet, but ohhhh how I want to.
58. There's not much gray area in my life. It's always been pretty black or white. Some people say it's too harsh, I just say I fully believe in my decisions.
59. I don't like when people tell me I can't do something. I may not have wanted to do it, but don't tell me I can't. And I don't just mean, "Oh, you'd never jump off that cliff," *(which I totally did)*, but things like banning abortion and gay marriage. How does me doing that affect you? It doesn't. So leave me alone.
60. I want to de-friend about 20 people on Facebook, but I'm afraid they'd notice and ask why. I couldn't handle that confrontation - what would I say? I got tired of reading your crap?
61. Sometimes, I really think Military Wives should rule the world. I mean, seriously. What can't we do?
62. I can pick up almost anything with my feet.
63. I really over think things. I am sitting here trying to come up with deep details about myself, when really, I could just say my favorite color is pink. No one who reads this really knows me, so why I am thinking so much?
64. I want to be one of those girls who can wear any color nail polish. I feel stupid wearing most of them.
65. I love old musicals. When I was younger, I wanted to marry Gene Kelly. I cried the day he died.
66. My degree is in English, yet I feel like I can never really articulate my feelings.
67. I hate when I don't know what a word means. But I don't own a dictionary. I really never have.
68. I do, in fact, judge a book by its cover. First the picture *(even though I know author almost definitely had no involvement there)*, then the back summary. If I'm not impressed with the cover, I don't bother. If I get to the back summary, and am still not impressed, no go.
69. I want a Mastiff.
70. But I kill everything. I've literally never kept a plant alive - I even killed a cactus - and so far, in one week, I've managed to kill two fish. And no, I don't know how.
71. If I didn't 'end' a friendship, I usually assume it's because the person got tired of me. But I don't get upset by that. I have gotten tired of people, so I get the feeling. Is that weird?
72. I want another tattoo, but I don't know what. Or where to put it. I don't want them on my upper body. I regret putting one on my foot. I already have two on my hips. I mean...what's left?
73. After B, I tell my sister the most.
74. This weekend, I FINALLY guessed the gender of a baby correctly. This is probably the 15th time I've guessed, and I'm never right. I was so excited!
75. I feel like there is a lot of unnecessary stuff in my house, but I rrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyy don't want to be the one to clean it out.

Alright, off to bed for now. We've had such a busy weekend that Bug fell asleep on the couch. I guess I should move her. :)

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