Friday, November 26, 2010

Ok, I have tried a few times to start this post nicely and I just can't think of any way to do it, so here goes. We are jumping in, mid thought.

One of B's friends called last Friday night and seemed a little off. B kept talking to him and eventually he realized that friend hadn't heard from his wife since he left for work that morning. At 5 am. It was now almost 8 pm. B and friend talk for a while, with friend insisting that B not come over, he just wanted to talk. B gets off the phone, and since I am an *expert* eavesdropper, I say, "You know to ignore him and that you need to go over there, right?" B says, yeah, yeah, and heads upstairs to change. After some frantic phone calls *(and desperate attempts by yours truly to be all Veronica Mars and solve the case by posing as various people and putting in phone calls to the PD and the airport)*, the case is solved. Wifey packed a bookbag this morning and took the bus to the airport.

She flew home.
Without ever mentioning anything to her husband or friends here.

Which leads me to the question: How could anyone do something like that?

Now, don't get me wrong. If your husband is abusive/psycho/etc., I understand. Get away. Safely. But, at least from my view, SHE was the aggressive one in the relationship. I saw her hit him, yell at him, berate him, etc. He just took it. So, unless there's something REALLY weird going on, that's not the case here.

Although, from what I heard, that's what she's telling people at home, which is a WHOLE different story. *(How could you falsely accuse someone of beating you!?)*

So, needless to say, friend has been staying with us and some other friends on and off. He seems to be fine, but still in shock.

He even came to Thanksgiving yesterday, and while he got a bit drunk, enjoyed himself, I think.


She called. Why you ask?

Because she waiting somewhere for someone and was bored and alone and wanted to talk to someone. Oh, and by the way, she wanted money.


WHAT? I seriously don't understand some people.

I don't even know if there is anything else I can say.