Sunday, June 27, 2010

Leaving friends

I lived in North Carolina for ten months. I was involved with the Marine Corps life in Virginia for seven months. Yet I was more upset about leaving Virginia friends than NC friends. I wonder why this is. I can't decide if it is because this time, when I move, husband is coming with me. But that doesn't really make sense, because when I moved to NC, I was moving towards him. I also keep thinking, well, maybe it's because I was leaving my home and family. But...nope, I was SO ready to get out of Virginia. And it's the friends I was leaving behind, really. But I knew the Quantico girls for even less time than I've known the Cherry Point girls. So, what gives?

*(This sounds silly but I'm not including college or other friends in this. They've been my friends for years, and I know where ever I go in this crazy world, they will still be my friends, if for no other reason than the vacation spot!)*

All the goodbyes in NC were pretty swift, even with girls I really thought I'd become good friends with. Last visit, hug, goodbye. That was it. There were BBQs and tears and speeches when I left Quantico. Sometimes, I really think that my Quantico friends have ruined my perceptions for my future Marine Corps friends. They did everything SO well, I'm just not sure anyone else will be as good.

This is going to be one thing that I'm not sure I will ever get used to--moving and leaving behind all my friends. I guess I have to.

I will say, I'm very excited to find that base friend that is just my favorite person down there. Obviously, she won't be as wonderful as the four girls I'm moving away from, but it's important to have good friends where ever you go. I didn't really have that girlfriend in NC, and it was hard. When I had free time, who could I call? I wasn't sure. That sucked. When I just wanted to talk to someone in person, who was there? The kid, who is wonderful and smart, but doesn't quite understand. So I'm quite excited to finally have that local girlfriend I call call whenever and we can run somewhere together.

Hopefully I find her. I know it's hard to make new friends. It was even hard in a place I lived for most of my life. It's like dating. I keep building myself up that I'm going to have to just suck it up and 'make the first move,' as they say. I remember telling one girl at Quantico that I liked her and wanted to be her friend. It worked out, so hopefully that trick works again. I can be pretty outgoing when I want to, and I hope that if I keep telling myself that I need to make friends, then I have to be outgoing, it will work. We'll see.

I'll keep you updated. :)

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