Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Whine, whine, whine.

I started this little blog to write about all the fun new things I am dealing with as a Marine Corps spouse. Now, most of you *(I say as though tons of people are reading this...)* know that while I'm a new spouse, I've been dealing with the Marine Corps somewhat seriously for more than a year now. Thank you deployment and me taking Bug *(because she is my Love Bug. Get it?)* while he was gone. After the fight I had with TriCare last year, I really thought I wouldn't have TOO many more issues, or that I'd be somewhat more prepared. That is false.

We are moving. And not just from one part of the state to another, as so often happens in this area. Not even from one side of the country to the other. No, we are moving halfway across the world. One would think that after YEARS of the Marine Corps doing this, the process would be smooth. Again, false. This has been so frustrating. I think the worst part is that there seems to be no consensus on whether or not this is an OCONUS or CONUS move. We are moving OUTSIDE the continental United States, but we are still in the United States. Believe me, I see the confusion. However, I am not in charge of this. We've been told that we need our passports, but then that we have to drive our cars. Really? I just need someone, somewhere, to figure this out and let me know.

Aside from all the drama involving that *(let's not talk about the fact that the moving company told me the date that they'd be arriving and packing all our worldly goods, or that we still don't know our flight date, or that no one has even offered *advice* on shipping our cars...we'll skip all that)*, I am starting to realize how much it's really going to suck to be so far away from everyone. And don't start in on the whole, you'll be in Hawaii, so shut up thing. It doesn't matter.
You go to a tiny island thousands of miles away from everyone you know, knowing that plane tickets to see you cost literally thousands of dollars, and let's talk about how excited you are. I am excited, believe me. But I'm going to whine. It's my blog and you can't stop me. Here are just SOME of the reasons I'm anxious about this.

1. What if I don't get a job? There are schools there, clearly, but I've heard that they have crazy furloughs going on. Also, if they are hiring right now, why would they hire me, who has NEVER taught before, over someone who has been teaching for years? And yes, I can hear you now--if you don't get a job, just hang out on the beach! Hello, I have crazy guilt. I cannot do that while my dear husband works all day. I don't do it now because it would make me feel bad. How could I do it in PARADISE?

2. My parents don't know if they'll be able to make it out before 2012.
2012!! Just to clarify, that is almost two years away. I'm not a baby or anything, but holy crap that's a long time.

3. I would write about my sister not being able to come, but thanks to the circumstances *(one of which is quite a bummer)*, she'll actually be there in October. Hurrah!

4. My best friends literally live across the street from the each other. I mean, you can stand on one front porch and yell to the other. I don't even know if you need to yell. Just speak loudly. And, as immature as this sounds, I have this fear that I am going to be left out. How could I not? I feel that way already *(though they are not doing anything to make me feel as such)* and I live three hours away. Soon, I won't even be a three hour PLANE RIDE away. Ugh.

So there you go. Four pretty good reasons to be a bit nervous. There are a lot more, but after this, even I can tell myself it's Hawaii, so shut up.

Ok, time for bed. In the morning, I have to start getting the cars ready for the long drive ahead of them. ...yeah. Or I have to get them inspected and updated for their trip on a boat. Hopefully they don't throw any crazy questions at me like I might know something about the cars...

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